• Breaking Down or Breaking Through?

    As we grow, learn, and are parented we adapt to the conditioning of our environment and conform to society. Eventually pieces of our authentic selves get pushed further downward. We experience pain and trauma that adds more layers of defense, and the ways that we learn to cope begin to be disguised as our true identity. We might go through our whole lives operating in this way, and never question it.
  • Autumnal Equinox: Energy Forecast, Life Update, and Magic

    rHappy Autumnal Equinox and Hello! Its been a while since I wrote on this blog, regrettably so. Thus, being the person I am, I thought what better ...
  • What is Spiritual Work?

    Spiritual work is work done using the elements of the earth, ancient symbols, tools, and thought processes in order to achieve a desired goal. Spiritual work is very much spiritual. Meaning that most of the work being done is unseen. This is why a lot of people call spiritual practices "woohoo". It is hard to explain the unexplainable. 
  • Wisdom of Anxiety by Sheryl Paul Book Review

    Like many people, I have struggled with anxiety all my life. When I was a child I recognized it as my heart skipping a beat anytime I was in an uncomfortable situation or met with an emotional trigger. As I got older, the anxiety morphed into intrusive thoughts, self-doubts, constant worry and intense nervousness and confusion when in social scenes.
  • What are Spiritual Baths?

    The water element is a powerful force of nature. It rejuvenates, cleanses, purifies, and heals. We are made mostly of water in our bodies. Our bodi...
  • Autumnal Equinox (First Day of Fall) Energy Reading

            The Autumnal Equinox is a very powerful time of release. Many different spiritual readings have over-imposed the phrase “What do you need t...