Autumnal Equinox: Energy Forecast, Life Update, and Magic

rHappy Autumnal Equinox and Hello! Its been a while since I wrote on this blog, regrettably so. Thus, being the person I am, I thought what better way to get back in touch with my blog readers than to post on the first day of Fall! If you know me, you know I love fall. I look forward to this season all year. All though where I live you do not really see the change of season, I can FEEL it. I love witnessing the leaves fall, the color of nature change, I love feeling the pull to stay in and drink tea, and to cuddle up and watch seasonal movies! I love the travel, the dinner parties, seeing new sights, and tasting my favorite seasonal treats (shout out to Trader Joes lol). But most of all Autumn is a powerful time of the year. It is magical. Some of the most magical herbs and scents are associated with fall. Cinnamon and clove for money, prosperity and protection. Bay leaves for wealth and granting wishes. Pumpkins for symbolizing a bounty harvest and fertility. Cedar for protection and warding off evil illnesses. And much more.

Fall is a time of activation and release. This fall in particular many people will be stepping into their magic. I see many people practicing a new skill or perfecting a passion while they are at home. I can see us spending more time pouring into our hobbies, and for some of us turning them into careers. I see more reading and studying being put towards developing a niche. This season is favoring the student! Being a student of life reaps great rewards. Building upon the knowledge you already have will be shown to improve the success of your endeavors. But this isn't without a little magic. You want to be anointing yourself with oils and butters this season not to just keep the fall ashiness at bay, but to put a veil of protection around you. Autumn is when the veil between our physical world and our spiritual world is very thin. Our ancestors have easier access to us and vice versa. But this also means that we are expose to other energies and spirits as well. As you navigate this season stayed prayed up and protected by your spirit guides. You can find more protection crystals, incense, oils, and tools in my shop!

Autumn is also a season of reaping your harvest. As the land becomes more barren leading up to winter, its time to start harvesting all the things we planted in the summer. What many of us will find is that we too quickly ate up our harvest during this summer, we didn't plant anything in the spring, or we have a bounty harvest waiting on us. The different is your intention. This is why I alway stress the power of intention in my work. You plant not just with your money but you plant with your thoughts, intentions, attention, and pouring into yourself and others. Imagine having a spiritual bank account where all the attention, time, good deeds, and energy you use can either deposit into your account or withdraw. Where your attention goes that's where you will manifest. So be mindful to call in the blessings that are owed to you this season because you have been working hard. If you have spent months pouring into a project, a goal, or desire then ask God to show you the fruits of your labor. It may be time to cash out. And if you feel that you have not been sewing seeds that you want to reap, then it is time to change your attention, fix your intention, and begin doing some work on transforming yourself. You are bound to see the results of your investments this season. 

Spiritual transformation is so important during our life. Its how we transcend into new levels and attract new blessings into our life. We are not meant to be repeating the same lessons over and over until the end of our time. Yes, its natural for repetitive themes to occur in our life. We are cyclic beings by nature. But you shouldn't feel as though you have lived the same life for the past five years. If so, its time for a change, a reboot, an upgrade. Many say summer bodies are made in the winter. I believe the same goes for our spiritual bodies as well. Autumn is the time to look within and face your shadow. Its a time to get honest and real about what exactly you want you life to look like and begin creating it. 

As for me, a lot has changed in my life since last fall. Many of the leaves on my tree have fallen off and won't be coming back. And I am making peace with that. As nature effortlessly releases and let go, I am learning how to surrender to the pace of the seasons. I am learning how to surrender to the things outside of my control and it is SO HARD. I sometimes find myself grasping onto whatever inch of control I have left in my life. So badly I have wished I could go back to different seasons in my life and cherish them a little more or change them. But as this Autumnal Equinox ignites my grief, it reminds me that transitions, though incredibly hard, are necessary in a changing life. That when things are moving, falling off, transitioning and leaving us that it means we are witnesses the beauty of the cycle of life. I know that while those leaves will never be on my branches again, that they are not lost forever. Yet, they have transformed. Have been replanted. And are showing up in my life in a different way.  

So this is my Equinox message to you all reading this. You may have suffered losses on different levels these past seasons, and many of them could have been painful or chaotic. Or they could've been gentle and smooth transitions. Either way, if there was something that was lost in the move, something that's now missing and causing an aching and noticeable gap in your life; then I pray that God grants a comforter in their place. I pray that the love, softness, ease, that they provided you be sent to you. I pray whatever was lost that it be given back to you tenfold in this season of abundance. And for whatever is meant to have left, I pray your angels and spirit guides give you the strength to preserver through this season of grief. Know that I am right there with you. Ase. 

May your Autumn be full of miracles, fellowship, warm hugs and cuddles, good movies, comforting and healing food, and wealth! 


For the first day of Fall. Prepare a big pot of fresh cut oranges, lemons, and limes, bay leaves, cloves, peppermint essential oil, and cinnamon sticks. You can add lavender flowers and roses as well. Bring a big pot of water to boil with your ingredients inside and then reduce to simmer. Have this flowing throughout your house all day to welcome in new blessings and to cleanse the space. 

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