What is Spiritual Work?

Spiritual workings have recently become more acceptable and widely embraced. Mainstream culture has embraced these practices and have labeled them "new age". Yet, spiritual work comes from ancient religions and cultures that span back to the dawning of time. Still, there are misconceptions about things involving spirituality and ancient religions. This post is dedicated to breaking down the workings of spirituality and normalizing what it means to do "spiritual work". Like all things, this blog post is subjective, but I feel like this can be generalized to apply to every reader.

Spiritual work is work done using the elements of the earth, ancient symbols, tools, and thought processes in order to achieve a desired goal. Spiritual work is very much spiritual. Meaning that most of the work being done is unseen. This is why a lot of people call spiritual practices "woohoo". It is hard to explain the unexplainable. 

Before the time of ordering online, technology, modern architecture, and advanced societal systems; our ancestors relied heavily on the tools of the earth. They believed that like humans, other living things such as plants and the elements had a spirit. With this mindset, they used the spirits of these earthly tools to create magic. You could call it alchemy. They took what little they had and made it into something great. With all the advances we  have made in technology, a lot of us still depend of these rituals in our daily lives. Hence, why "new age" and metaphysical shops are beginning to become more popular. This is also due to the coming of the Age of Aquarius. Which is causing a lot of people to wake up to the vast spiritual world.

In addition, our ancestors were able to harvest the energy of the earth through different tools and rituals. With this energy, they learned to manipulate it, transform it, transmute it, and enhance it. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Thus, spiritual work is learning how to play with vibrations, frequencies, and energies in order to create your desired goal. This can be done through blending certain plants and oils together to create an intention oil. Or making a spiritual bath to cleanse yourself of heavy energy. 

Generations ago, and still in some cultures, people went to shaman and medicine women/men to receive help with their health, finances, and love life. These practices and tools have been passed down to this generation. We still see individuals who practice these healing modalities through reiki, divination, and other spiritual workings. 

Its important to keep in mind that there is a light and dark in every single thing in this world. What will make your spiritual work light? Your intention. Focus on work involving yourself not directing energy at others. Call on your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors to help and guide you along your path. Focus on self-love, healing, prosperity, and transformation. We all have great power within us. It is time to activate it. 

Whether you know it or not, you have already been doing spiritual work. Every time you have thought about something that manifested, every time you are have prayed, journaled, taken a bath, burned sage, read a spiritual or healing book, appreciated nature, meditated, or have talked to your higher power; you have done spiritual work. Now its time to activate your work through the strength of your intuition. 

Do not allow labels to get in the way of you healing yourself and growing spiritually. And do not allow dogmatic beliefs keep you scared of ancient wisdom and power. You do not have to belong to particular religion or culture in order to use certain spiritual tools and resources. Allow your spirit to guide you, and always do what sit rights with you. Your intuition will be your best tool. 

In future blog post I will go in deeper about why we need to cleanse, manifest, and heal in the world we live in today.  

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