Protect Your Energy: Empath's Crystal Set

Protect Your Energy: Empath's Crystal Set

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This set is the ultimate crystal set for protecting your energy, shielding you from negativity of all kinds, protecting you from energy vampires and people who drain you dry, and shielding your empathy so that you are not constantly picking up on everyone's energy and emotions constantly. This is for those who want to put up a protective barrier around their aura, so that it can keep shining no matter the environment that you are in. 

This set includes:

Amethyst : Protection against negative vibrations, energy vampires, and psychic attacks. Protects your crown chakra while promoting higher states of consciousness. Helpful for those who want to grow and trust their intuitive abilities. 

Lepidolite : One of the best stone for easing anxiety. Helps put up emotional boundaries and shields from people. It is a great for spiritual purification and calming the mind, body, and soul. Helps with the releasing of old behavior and psychological patterns that are no longer serving you. Brings deep emotional healing, soothes, and reduces depression and stress. 

Fluorite : called the psychic vacuum, helps to clear the negative energies away from your energy aura and protects you against the lower energies by providing a nice little boundary. Promotes focus and clear thinking. Great for remaining focused in the midst of chaos. Balances emotions. 

Black Tourmaline : Great for psychic protection which is extremely important for empaths. Grounds your energy and protects you from the airy and unstable feeling when you are around chaotic or stressful people and situations. Protects against the harmful effects of EMF (electromagnetic fields), place around electronics to keep them from absorbing your energy. 

Smokey Quartz : An extraordinary protection stone.  Protects against and transmutes negative energy. Protects your energy and aura around people who are secretly jealous of you, resent you, or hold negative beliefs about your. Its a shield against hostile home and work environments where there is a lot of gossip, a bullying boss or manager, or people with bad moods. Its calms and provides a safe space. Literally putting a shield around your aura. Also great for increasing survival instincts, and helping promote a business focused mindset for those who want to or own their own business. Improves rational thoughts and organization. 

Hematite: Absorbs worry in times of stress and trauma. Very protective and helps your stay grounded in stressful situations. Transforms negative energy to more positive energy

Comes with a linen crystal bag