Autumnal Equinox (First Day of Fall) Energy Reading

        The Autumnal Equinox is a very powerful time of release. Many different spiritual readings have over-imposed the phrase “What do you need to let go of?” But Autumn is a time where that question is more applicable that ever. It is important to tune into the seasons of nature because they highly effect how we feel and think. When our bodies tune into the natural cycles of mother earth, we become accustomed to transitions of many kinds. We can also use this as a gift to become more self-aware about what is going on in our own lives. In many ways, you can use nature to give yourself your own seasonal readings.

       During Autumn, around different parts of the world leaves are browning and falling off trees. This is not done consciously by the tree. The leaves naturally fall away and by winter the branches are completely bare. Autumn is a time of universal release and transition. We enter a mourning period where we say goodbye to the bright sunny fun days of summer. We began to grieve on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. There are things we realize that were specific to summer that we have to let go of due to the approaching of Autumn. Thus, this is a time of grieving our losses. Whether it is personal or general, there is a great universal grieving happening right now. With the many losses we have suffered this year especially. Autumn’s energy slows down time and closes us in in a way that makes us face the very things we have been hiding from. As the light gets dimmer and the weather gets colder, we come to face what we have hidden in the shadows of our mind.

        In addition, September can be a triggering time for many people. September represents when we all had to return to school. It was a time where we had to trade in the freedom and playfulness of summer for the rigor and confinement of school. For many people school was a place where their individuality and uniqueness was stifled and picked on. Our conscious minds may have forgotten but our body always remembers. Consequently, when September can bring about big emotions of homesickness, longing, pain, loneliness, and sorrow.

         2020 has been a year of great loss. We have lost friends, loved ones, routines, jobs, and our previous lives. We unwillingly had to let go of how we knew life to be for us, and had to transition to a new way of life that none of us had experience before. You may just now be feeling the ramifications of this year’s change or energy. Transition breeds transition. And loss begets loss. Thus, without letting yourself properly grieve everything you have lost this year, your feelings will just pile up on top of each other. The world does not wait for you to adjust. Seasonal transitions happen whether we are ready for them or not. In many ways, our life is just the same. Sometimes we do not trigger the transitions or changes in our life. Sometimes they just happen without warning or invitation. There is a universal force that is ultimately guiding you. The more resistance you have towards this transition, the more you will suffer. Nature always wins. We may not stock up on food during the summer and hibernate throughout the winter, but we are still natural beings. Due to the contemporary and colonial society that we currently live in, we have been tricked into believing that as human beings we are not conditioned to the same natural cycles that other animals are attuned to. Thus, much of the pain and discomfort we experience comes from not honoring the natural cycles of life.

        What does this season mean to you? How do you usually feel during Autumn? What about this season brings you pain, joy, happiness, bliss, or sorrow? These are important questions to ask yourself because they will be the foundation of your self-care practices for this season. Expect to have old memories resurfacing, vivid dreams, deep feelings of longing, and a need to physically release painful emotions. This is great time to do a physical, spiritual, and energetic cleanse. Take lots of spiritual baths, get reiki done, meditate, fast, and detox. This combination of physical and energetic cleansing can help you release those things that your mind and body are holding onto that are no longer serving you. Many times, we cannot fully enjoy or cherish the holidays that come in the Autumn and Winter seasons because we are still holding on to emotions, memories, people or feelings that we have not given ourselves time to mourn and release.

        I love the time of Autumn because it carries such a magical energy. It is a great time for developing a new or revived spiritual practice. I just feel like magic circulates in the air during this time. It is a time I make a lot of different magical oils, candles, and herbal remedies. Something about the mystical essence of this season really inspires me and gives me hope. I feel like the phoenix who is preparing to awaken from the ashes into the new year.

         Autumn has tremendous healing energy. It reminds us that Mother Nature is here for us. She no longer wants us to carry baggage that is weighing us down on our journey. Autumn is the middle ground between the unity of summer and the seclusion of winter. This is a hard space to navigate. You may find yourself feeling the push and pull of wanting to be around people and wanting to be alone. This is literally the energy of this season. The word that keeps coming to be is “vagabond”. The definition of vagabond if a person who wonders from place to place and does not have a specific home. Have you ever been homesick for a place you have never been? Or yearning for a type of love you have never experienced. Autumn heightens these feelings because naturally we are supposed to be preparing to seclude ourselves within our homes for winter time. But what happens if you feel this urge to go to a home you don’t know actually exists? Thus, these are where the feelings of loneliness, sorrow, and grief kick in. Try not to belittle yourself for the emotions you are feeling in this season. Have more compassion for yourself. Now is the time more than ever to get to know your spiritual self and higher self. Commune with yourself. Cook yourself a nice dinner. Develop spiritual rituals that heighten your awareness of your higher self. Meditate and ask yourself for guidance during this time. You hold all the answers you need. And where you feel lost, find your answers in nature. Awaken your inner magically ass self.

         This time is going to bring a lot of fast change. Your relationship with yourself and others will begin to change rapidly and spontaneously. Your environment is also going to change. Dynamics amongst your family will experience this as well. Be intentional with your actions and make sure you are not trying to hold onto old paradigms of being. Get unstuck from the past and practice being more present. With rapid change, you will experience feeling ungrounded, unsafe, and even dizzy. You will find yourself trying to hold onto anything that gives you a sense of safety or peace. Make sure you are not holding on to the familiar and stifling your own growth. Evaluate what cannot follow you into this new season. You will feel more grounded the more you go with the flow and be present. The more you resist the transitions and change, the more you will feel like life is happening to you and not for you. The key is letting go of it all and practicing non-attachment. What is for you will stay with you. What is not will fall away like the Autumn leaves.


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