What are Spiritual Baths?

The water element is a powerful force of nature. It rejuvenates, cleanses, purifies, and heals. We are made mostly of water in our bodies. Our bodies are a representation of how water and spirit dance and create beautiful manifestations. Speaking into your water and praying over it is a powerful manifestation technique. The water element coincides with the moon and feminine energy. It helps return us to the state we were in when we were in the womb. Amongst darkness and just water. Water is nurturing in that way. It surrounds us and nurtures our soul. Providing whatever healing that we need.


One of my favorite ways to embody this energy is through spiritual baths. Bath time can be a very sacred ritual. Spiritual baths are baths that you can use in the bath tub by sitting in them like a regular bath or pouring them over your head. These baths contain oils, salts, herbs, flowers and other ingredients that serve a particular purpose. Through the magical resonance of these natural ingredients, one is able to achieve a specific spiritual outcome. Spiritual baths are curated for manifestation, cleansing, purifying, relaxing, love, and many other properties. What ingredients are in the bath will depend on what the intention of the bath it. Every ingredient serves the specific intention. Why are spiritual baths necessary? As we move through life and in different environments, situations, energy and experiences attach to our spiritual bodies. Over time this builds up. When our auric bodies (energetic bodies/ aura) has gaps, holes, or build up we are not able to operate in higher frequencies and we are not able to live within our highest potential. Many times when we feel blockage in our life and are unable to manifest, its due to negative energies and blockages in our aura and chakras. These spiritual blockages manifest as energetic deficiencies. Thus, spiritual baths work to cleanse us of energetic build up and clear our aura. While also pouring into us stronger and more magical energy. When we get out the bath we come out energetically stronger, with a clearer and brighter aura. Sometimes these blockages have built up for so long, we have to do consistent baths to get our aura back to its bright and colorful natural state.


How do you take a spiritual bath?

First I take a shower and make sure my body is clean. I then I like to start by cleansing my bathtub. I then smudge my bathtub and my space. As I start running the water I began saying my intention/prayer out loud into the water. I like to decorate my space with flowers, candles, and incense. I then pour the contents of my bath into the bath tub. I continue speaking my affirmations into the water. This is where you can make the ritual anything you want. You can meditate, sing, or do whatever your soul calls you to do. Make sure you stay in the bath for 45 minutes at the minimum to get the full benefit. Full moon and new moon times are great times for a spiritual bath. During times where you feel energetically drained or have been around negative energy or energetic vampires, it is great to come home and take a cleansing spiritual bath. If you want more love in your life or are looking to start on a new path spiritual baths can help you achieve those things. The baths help align your energy with the energy of your desired outcome. Check out www.starseedbotanica.com for luxury organic reiki infused spiritual baths. Happy healing!

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