Lionsgate Spiritual Expansion and Healing Workshop

Lionsgate Spiritual Expansion and Healing Workshop

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This workshop takes place August 7th through 9th. 

The Lionsgate Portal is a time in August where the star Sirius appears on the horizon. The connection to the Sirius star dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. It is a symbol of new beginnings, an Egyptian New Year of sorts. But the Sirius star has a very deep spiritual meaning. It is the brightest star in the sky, and is referred to as our spiritual sun. You can understand the many metaphysical properties that this time possesses. Like we are fed sunlight from the sun that helps us live and nourishes our bodies; the Sirius star feeds our soul and allows for it to be rejuvenated and prosper. Thus, this three-day workshop will be centered on growing your spiritual body, and increasing the mind, body, soul connection. This workshop will cover a multiple of topics: we will go deeper into healing your inner child, we will have a whole day devoted to chakras and it will include a chakra meditation and distance reiki session, and we will discuss healing modalities and finding the right one for you. Those who sign up will also receive a personal energy reading that will give more depth and clarity for your personal healing and awakening path. The reading will update you on current themes that you may be encountering in this phase of your life, and provide light to situations you need more intuitive guidance on. 

 In addition, we will take ourselves through a journey of

  • Spiritual expansion
  • Learning about ancient spiritual history and archetypes
  • Claiming our soul’s gifts and aligning with our purpose
  • Rediscovering our intuition
  • Developing a spiritual practice that meets our needs
  • Aligning with higher frequencies of abundance
  • Manifesting new beginnings and opportunities
  • Removing obstacles and blockages in our path.

 What is included?

  • Access to all three days of the workshop
  • An expansive healing workbook
  • A distance reiki healing session
  • Three live guided meditations
  • A personal intuitive energy reading
  • A discount on all of Starseed Botanica Products This is not something you want to miss! This is a time of major spiritual awakening and healing. Do not miss out of leveling up your soul.


Due to our current climate, I am offering payment plans for this workshop. This workshop includes vast information, a personal reading, and a distance reiki session. It is already such a great discount! But I would like to offer relief to those who need it during this time.

The full price of this workshop is $88.88. You have three options for payment. You can pay the full amount for the cost $88.00, you can separate it into two payments of $44.44, or four payments of $22.22. . 

I prefer if you purchase the workshop through this website. Though cash app and zelle are accepted. 

I hope to see you all for the spiritual ascension!