"Secure the Bag" Ancestor Money Burn Ritual

"Secure the Bag" Ancestor Money Burn Ritual

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Dont miss out on this powerful ritual this full moon! This is your chance to channel this full moon energy to manifest through any financial blockages you may have been having. Ritual done during the full moon can be more intense and its power can last a long time.  Burning ancestor money sends blessings to your ancestors and allows for them to shower blessings back down onto you. 

This is a group ritual where I will burn ancestor money and light a money candle on your behalf. I will adding money reiki and some extra good juju and magic to the ceremony. This ritual is for those who want to: 

  • Send an offering to your ancestors.
  • Remove money blockages in your life
  • Decrease karmic and financial debt
  • Build generational wealth
  • Bring in more cash flow and unexpected financial blessings
  • And many more benefits depending on your petition!

You do not have to be present for this ritual. All you have to do is purchase the ritual and then send your petition to starseedbotanica@gmail.com by Friday, July 23rd @ 8pm. Please follow these steps to ensure you are included in the ritual. 

A petition is a pray or request to your ancestors, angels, the heavenly realm, and universe. You can write your petition as if you are already receiving the things you are asking for. An example of a petition can be "My ancestors are blessing me with more cash flow into my bank account and my business. God is helping cancel the accumulating debt that my family and I have. Generational debt is being removed off of my ancestors and my living family. We are developing a better relationship with money. I am accumulating more wealth than I ever have before!" 

Please limit petitions to a paragraph.